The bodies of live-beings are made of and surrounded by energy.

This energy moves, acts and reacts in accordance to thoughts, actions and to what happens inside the bodies and in its surroundings.

A bad nutrition, stress, a hit, a disease, etc can change the energy of an animal, which can in turn affect its health.

Energy can get stagnated, it can get polluted, untidy or unbalanced.

Things like a sore hip, congested chest, toothache, worn knee, infectious disease, etc will be shown on the energy of the animal.

A disturbed energy in some part of the body could unbalance the energy of the whole being. This could show up as fatigue, unhappiness and as disease too. 

Fortunately this energy can also get restored back into balance again and empowered so that the animal gets a chance to heal itself and to go back to its normal state.

This is what I do. I look into the animal’s energy I feel what it needs to be fixed and where, and layer by layer I help to its restoration back to health.

 Sometimes I must work on the energy of the animal and on that of its human at the same   time, since many problems in our pets are a simple reflection of the problems that we have and that we must resolve in ourselves.

Only one thing: I do not choose who I can help with my work. It is more that I am chosen or allowed to work on a specific animal I am trying to help, not the contrary. This goes for humans too (particularly).  If the animal does not want to get better, or if it is not the right time for him, or healing is not what it most needs, there is nothing I can do.

Actually one more thing: I am not a vet and I do not replace the work of a vet. I do not diagnose or will give you names of diseases or problems that I might see on the animal’s energy. I will simply feel that the energy is not right in a place and will try to fix it.

If you think your animal needs energy work, please contact me here and we can talk about it!